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Welcome to the debut of Shift Drink! Long hours on sore feet and wearied coworkers cramped side-by-side in the pursuit of perfection is typical in the service industry. But it isn’t until the final diner has gone and the last tab is closed; when there are no more pots to scrub or glasses to polish; that’s when the first shift drinks are poured and the stories start to flow. Every week, Eddie Kim and Mathew Ramsey will share a shift drink and swap war stories from behind the line with chefs, bartenders, bakers, brewers, and anyone who touches this all-encompassing industry. Un-edited, no-holds-bar, and personal, these brief moments bleed into life stories, past and future aspirations, philosophy, life lessons and every shot in between.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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    Top Jefes: Brooke Williamson & Antonia Lofaso

    In this episode, we’re graced by not one, but two badass Arch-Angelenos and restaurateurs of Top Chef fame - Brooke Williamson & Antonia Lofaso. We discuss the dichotomy of awards and the awarded, general rules of thumb, and Tequila earns two exclamations!! Eddie plays el Diablo’s advocate and rallies with Brooke over tennis terminology, while Mathew dons his “cheeseburger-life coach” hat for Antonia.

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    Sweet / Dry with DC Public Library and Domestique

    An exploration of the intersection between taste and identity, presented by Domestique Wine and the DC Public Library. Including special guest panelists Jon Bonné, Lee Campbell, W. Ralph Eubanks, Millicent Souris, Genevieve Villamora.

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    Jon Bonné Jovi’s Greatest Hits

    For this episode we open up our Mezcal cabinet to professional wino and tastemaker, Jon Bonné, senior contributing editor for PUNCH, former wine editor for The San Francisco Chronicle, and author of “The New California Wine.” Jon pontificates on going au natural, Gewurzt case scenarios, and mousey wine traps. Eddie comes out as a Riesling apologist, Mathew makes a dough confession, and Jon returns full circular on a certain incision.

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    Millicent Souris on Serving the Underserved

    This week we scour off the rust and dust off the cobwebs to start off a new season of Shift Drink with Millicent Souris, former chef turned educator and advocate for the underserved at St. John’s Bread and Life. The activist helps us parse the difference between old/new schools of cooks, nourishing the privileged few/needy hundreds, and chef volunteerism/tourism. Millicent reminisces on her prison-tinged last visit to D.C., Mathew comes back like a bronzed Greek god, and Eddie crushes on the Aperol spritz.

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    Kristen Kish Keeps Pop Star Dreams in the Lone Star State

    This week we keep it weird in the kitchen with Austin’s Kristen Kish, Top Chef alumna and chef of the newly minted Arlo Grey at the LINE Hotel. We unearth a few lines to add to her Wikipedia page, such as her notable singing skills, the do’s and don’ts of keeping it vulnerable in her kitchen, and her penchant for chicken fingers. Kristen opts out of the cowboy-chic, Eddie digs into the meaty side of Yelp, while Mathew gets torn and tater-ed with burger envy.

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    Reunion and Rivalry in Koreatown with Chefs Deuki Hong and Esther Choi

    This week we put on a Korean double-feature with chef siblings-in-arms Esther Choi (mokbar and Miss Yu, NYC) and Deuki Hong (Sunday Bird, SF). The cross-country reunion sparks discussion on staying connected to one’s passion, satiating a bong appetite, and owning the “a” word -- "authenticity." Esther stokes a sibling rivalry, Deuki lives his best glamping life, Eddie finds milk in the banana stand, and Mathew balks at being called a banana split.

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    Can Chefs Mei Lin and Jon Yao Bring Old Memories to New LA?

    This week we do a City of Angels "bang bang," with LA chefs Mei Lin of the newly minted Nightshade and James Beard-nominated Jon Yao of Kato. We reminisce on childhood foods, navigate the celebrity chef limelight, compare camaraderie in LA vs. DC, and cut deep into kitchen accidents. Jon contemplates a life as a La Croix-somm, Mei prefers to cook hearts -- not break them, Mathew finds love in his coconut, and Eddie learns the art of back-to-back dining.

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    Ice Cream and the Art of Rooftop Maintenance with D.C.’s Milk Cult

    This week we join forces with D.C.’s double dragons of ice cream, Ed Cornell and Patrick Griffith of Milk Cult, to take down the innovation/boredom balance, tapping into cult classics, and the art of rooftop maintenance. Ed and Patrick take us through a Hole in the Sky, Eddie belabors ear holes, and Mathew reminisces on corndog glory holes.

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    No Creative Still Waters for Cult Brewers Brian Strumke and Mike Van Hall

    This week nomadic beer cultist Brian Strumke and visual disrupter Mike Van Hall of Stillwater Artisanal search for creative rules to break, from flipping the sacred to Action Bronson collabs. Mike and Brian hate on coriander and triangles, Mathew mourns the death of Jon Snow, and Eddie feels the wet-nat

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    Daniel Boulud -- Michelin Chef, Crab Smuggler, Viper Bootlegger

    This week legendary French Chef Daniel Boulud confesses some of his more illicit activities down on the hometown farm, cooking for his icon Jacques Pepin, and true egg-celence. Daniel gets Tina Turnt-up, Mathew and Chef Boulud develop a lasting “frenchip” over cooking for mom, and Eddie contracts the itch to bring crab shacks to the city of lights.

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