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Welcome to the debut of Shift Drink! Long hours on sore feet and wearied coworkers cramped side-by-side in the pursuit of perfection is typical in the service industry. But it isn’t until the final diner has gone and the last tab is closed; when there are no more pots to scrub or glasses to polish; that’s when the first shift drinks are poured and the stories start to flow. Every week, Eddie Kim and Mathew Ramsey will share a shift drink and swap war stories from behind the line with chefs, bartenders, bakers, brewers, and anyone who touches this all-encompassing industry. Un-edited, no-holds-bar, and personal, these brief moments bleed into life stories, past and future aspirations, philosophy, life lessons and every shot in between.

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    Remembering Our Industry Giants, Mixing Up the Dirty Martini, and Capturing Kitchen Moments with Marcella Kriebel, Illustrator and Cookbook Author of Mi Comida Latina and Comida Cubana

    This week we get salty and shaken over the history of the dirty martini, encapsulating food moments in watercolors, and reaching across borders through food with illustrator and cookbook author Marcella Kriebel. Mathew pines for a Captain Kirk sighting, Eddie reveals a new project, Adam Greenberg sheds his tapas crown, and Marcella fails at fermentation.

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    Loyalty to Frozen Traditions, Goodbyes to Humble Beginnings, and Love at First Ayahuasca with Rob Duncan of Dolcezza Gelato

    We ring in SEASON TWO of Shift Drink with gelato maven Rob Duncan of Dolcezza Gelato as he takes use through his ayahuasca and “sherbert” experiences, early mistakes in bringing Argentinian gelato to D.C., and the fine line between tradition and innovation. Rob comes out of his grandmother’s closet with arms aflutter, Mathew reveals his radio face 2.0, and Eddie comes back with a few hardware upgrades.

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    Shift Drink: Industry Power Hour

    This week we raise the stakes and go full Shift Drink with our first Industry Power Hour. A veritable russian roulette of shift drinks, we chat with Adam Greenberg, Andrew Limberg, Brian Oh, Joahna Hernandez and Sarah Gordon, and see who lasts the full hour.

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